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March 2023

Moving towards the Spring and perhaps your New Year Plans are beginning to slip a little? Not to worry, we've got a plan to get you back on track -  the March Attendance Game. This is a fun, but very challenging way to boost your activity and put some good habits in place before we start to think about the Summer.

The Game: Attend 31 classes in 31 days. Simple! Between the first and last days of March, you just need to attend, F2F or online, 31 classes. They need to be at least half hour formats. Keep track of the day,format and instructor whose classes you have done, we will mark your tracker card in class, but please comment in the Live Video section on MyFitPro if you are doing the challenge online.

The double classes will really help you to achieve this goal,especially if you can't commit to one class every  day. There are back to back classes on Monday morning, Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning, Thursday morning and night, Friday morning and Saturday.

Get in touch for full details. Good Luck!