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August 2022

There are a few unavoidable changes to the timetable through August. Princes Risborough Primary and Lord Williams's Lower School both have building work during the holidays, and the caretaker at Haddenham Junior school has annual leave, so please check the timetable for different halls and closures. We always try to offer at least one alternative when this happens.

There is hot weather forecast again. Following the last heatwave, my feeling is that we are all capable of making our own decisions, depending on our personal circumstances. It seemed to work very well last time with the livestream option, as it was easy for clients to find a cool place in their homes, with access to fans and cool drinks. Modifications are shown and different formats used to help accomodate the unusual heat,  but the morning classes in particular seemed very manageable, with good ventilation and the opportunity to exercise before the heat really set in for the day.

There is a lot planned for September. The return of our Wellness Workshop on Saturday 10 September, Lucy's 40th Birthday Class on 17 September and 4 of your instructors are travelling to Chicago for a training conference towards the end of the month. Full details will be shared on the Facebook group and by your instructor.

If you are away over the summer months, don't forget that you can still tune in to do classes via MyFitPro, from anywhere in the world with a wifi signal. It's been very exciting knowing you are joining us from exotic places!

Have a great Summer!