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August Update

And just like that, it's August! I hope you have been enjoying a break, either in the UK, or for the more adventurous, getting on a plane or ferry to go abroad! (Who would have believed that this would be a "thing"?) 

It's usually a slightly quieter time of year for us, but we keep running classes throughout the summer. I used to hate it when my fitness classes stopped because the instructor was on holiday - if I went away for 2 weeks before or after their break, it could be a month without my class. That's something I love about our Team, we can all cover for each other and make sure that there are still options available for our clients. We only have one week with a reduced timetable, from 23 August, so watch out for that, but take advantage of our Livestreaming option if you have wifi from your holiday home, you can still do class with us! It's a great time to workout with your family and friends and show them your moves!

Behind the scenes we are prepping for the changeover to payments on Punchpass. If you are a current montly member and have not yet switched your payment method, please get in touch. Ideally we would like everyone to have made the move by September. It brings us in line with the Industry Standard and will make the admin much more efficient.

We are also busy planning an attendance challenge for the Autumn - you are going to love the prize! Keep your eyes peeled for  a sneak peek soon.

The other good news is that evening classes at Haddenham Junior School will be returning in September on Tuesday nights. These will be taught by Sadie, who as an experienced instructor and PT will definitely inspire and challenge you to work hard in her fun classes. They will have the same system of a staggered start time that we have at some other classes - 6:45pm Strength 30 and 7:15pm Dance Mixx. This should give flexibility and options for those who need to get kids to bed or get back from work, you can do half an hour, an hour or the full 90 minutes, whatever suits you best.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the Summer, keep everything crossed for some nice weather if you are staying in the UK!