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February Update

Usually in February we do a challenge to build on all the good habits and resolutions of January. This year, however, things are different in so many ways, so we are moving our challenge to April, when hopefully we will have some in person classes to share the fun together. The prize is so exciting and will have a long term effect and benefit to your workout!!

So instead we will offering several "Pop Up" classes this month, starting with a stretch on Sunday 7th. Keep an eye on the timetable for regular updates.

We have also started a seperate group for the streamed classes. This hopefully will give a cleaner and clearer page to find the classes. It also means that we can welcome all former clients and those who have paused their membership into our Members closed group. Please follow the link if you are not yet in this group. It's just for our friends, so a wonderful, infomal and welcoming space for all things Jazzy.


Let's hope the weather cheers up and roll on 8 March for so many reasons!