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January Blues

As we move further into January and the weather is rubbish and the nights are long, it's easy to just want to curl up on the sofa with a blanket, glass of wine and a good film. And that is fine!! Naturally this time of year is for hibernating, recharging your batteries, snuggling down and taking care of yourself. So don't look on your fitness plans as the opposite to this, they can be part of it all.

If you tend to talk yourself out of doing class as the day goes on, switch up your routine and do class in the morning - we have two early mornings on offer, or you can take advantage of the saved US FitPro classes which are available anytime. That way, when you do snuggle down in the evening, you will feel you have earned your rest. And guess what? Doing exercise does not make you more tired, in fact it does the opposite, you will have more energy to get through these difficult days. 

Self care is not a luxury, don't feel guilty about it. Looking after yourself, body and mind, makes you a feel so much better, which in turn gives you the reserves to look after those you love. We all need a little bit of extra TLC at the moment, make that one hour a day to exercise, part of yours.