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10 November 2020

Rather than looking at Lockdown 2 in a negative light, we've decided it's a whole new opportunity. Time to reset, recover and re evaluate.

We have shaken up the timetable this week with the addition of our popular Strength only classes. These play such an important role in improving your strength and stamina and will sculpt your body. Great for achieving a toned, strong physique and also incredibly beneficial for all ages, particuarly those of us over a "certain age" where muscle mass tends to wither and bone density can be an issue. Weight bearing improves all of this. 

We have adjusted the times of classes to reflect the current situation, so evening classes tend to be earlier, but we have left a late one in this week to see if that helps out those of you who need to get little ones to bed first. Keep letting us know what suits you best, we have the flexibility to switch things around without the tie of hall hire times.

We've also have the extra stretch class on Sunday afternoon this week. Time to put on something comfortable and spend half an hour of "me time" releasing all the tension we have been holding. 

As always, get in touch with any questions or if you need help with anything. We are here to support you and help you get through all of this madness. See you in class.

Janey and the Team