Jazzercise Bucks & Oxon

12 October 2020

Another week packed full of different formats and fun classes. Sadie will be taking on some extras as Sarah has decided it's time to stop teaching until her son arrives! She didn't want a last minute panic finding cover for her as she is now so close to her due date. She will still be coming to classes to keep her fitness levels up and help the waiting to go faster! We all wish her the best of luck with the labour and delivery and can't wait to meet him.

Keep using the booking system, Punchpass. We are happy for you to book 2 classes a week in advance, but if you can hold off booking more until the actual week of the class, that should ensure there is some flexibility in the system for everyone to get a fair shot at getting a space. You can cancel your place yourself up to 24 hours before it starts, any closer than that, please contact Janey (07739 186231). It really is important that you let us know if you cannot make it, as it means we can offer the place to someone else if the class is full, and the girls on the desk are not waiting for you to arrive.

Our new venue of Thame Town Cricket Club is lovely and it's been great to see you attending there. 

Facebook promised updates in October, and it looks like they are affecting our streaming. We are investigating other options, so watch out for more information.

As always, please get in touch if you have any questions. Have a great week!